All About Me

My name is Dane Demoon and I was a hardcore gamer who knew nothing else but to spent
all of my time with my gaming console. I got merried but later on got
divorved because I was not responsible with anything. I did not prioritize
the people around me and sadly, I did not took good care of myself too. I was
not in good shape. My lifestyle was never been healthy. I honestly did not
have any plans with my life aside from getting myself engaged with my

I was born in Poland but I’m currently living in Sweden. I have fully
recovered from the addiction that I got myself into and literally
rehabilitated myself to become a fully functional human being.

Now that I have realized that being organized with life is everything. It
will deter the future no matter how crooked the past was.I am now dedicating
my life to share my life to the people out there who are having the same
problem that I once had.

This page will be partly about my life experience but it will be mostly for
those individuals who wanted to get their lost life back. Gaming is not a
crime, it never was and never will be. Whats wrong is when a person will
spend all of his time with the thing thats made to entertain but not to
devour a life.


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