Gadgets and Teenagers

Productive worker

Productive worker

Today’s generation offers multitude of distractions that overwhelms us from the house to the office desk or school. These distractions are the very reason why some of us are constantly exhausted and drained at the end of the day yet making little or no significant achievements. This scenario makes me thinks of the movie “rise of the machines” where an army of armed robots take control of the world. Well, most of it. Looking at the current situation of our high tech society, it’s not 6-foot tall armed roots that take control of humanity, but in reality it come in all shapes and sizes. It could be the gadgets inside our pockets and backpacks. It’s the very thing that makes some teenage boys get little or no sleep at all. Making them computer slaves at night and walking zombies the following morning.

The problem is not the utilization of the gadgets but it’s the time spent with it. Same principle goes with all individuals having similar conflicts with how time is supposed to be spent with everything from a mobile phone to the flatscreen TV with gaming consoles in the living room.

Failing to organize activities like eating or sleeping will have a significant impact to the person. Lack of sleep may cause lack of concentration and focus throughout the day.

Here are 5 Ways to Keep Your Gadgets Productive from

1.     Limit Your Gadgets – This is easier said than done. Most tech enthusiasts are always trying out the latest gadgets. However, it is important to avoid tech creep, that leads to too many tools. Do you really need a smartphone, tablet, camera, Kindle, laptop, and MP3 player in your bag? Stick to as few devices as possible.

2.     Choose Tools You’ll Use – Always choose tools that are suited to you. Don’t get the newest, shiniest gadget just because everyone else has it. Select technology that you are good with and will use. Otherwise, your gadgets will be a permanent tech support issue and you will stop using them.

3.     Remember Who Is In Charge – Do you rule your tech? Or does it rule you? Break that tech leash. Remember that your tech is there for you, not the other way around. You don’t have to jump everytime your device buzzes or vibrates.

4.     Replace Tech That Doesn’t Work – The other day I tweeted, “Printer, you have failed me for the last time…”  Why do we put up with this stuff? If you have a gadget that is not living up to its potential, then by all means get rid of it. And quick. I put up with a GPS for months that was not doing its job. You wouldn’t keep hammering with broken hammer…would you?

5.     Turn Off Unnecessary Interruptions – Again, your gadgets are there for you. Turn off the notifications, bells, pop-ups, etc. Do you really need to know that your sister just updated her Facebook status while you are in the middle of a business meeting?

Gadgets are just like a carpenter’s tool: it can be very helpful but may hurt somebody who does not know how to use it. Knowing its limitations and managing the time well with these tools can only help a person accomplish more productive things.


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