The Awakening From Gaming

My name is Dane and I was a addicted to video game long time before I learned how to write. Since Then, I knew no other thing better than that. With such attiture, I lost everything! It took a huge toll on my marriage, my social life, and everything in between.

With my blog, I wish to bring light to thoswe people who are undergoing such problem. Now that I am 27, I have waken up with the reality that real life is better than the gaming world. Although life in the game are usualy plenty, we only have one precious life in the real life. So make good with it!

With my blog, you can expect to see my previous experiences as a dedicated gamer who spends hours and hours infront of a gaming console and honestly, I’m never satisfied with the time I spend with it. The more time I play, the more thirst I get from it. Its an unquenchable thirst that only an addict can understand.


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